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Ants on peonies: how dangerous they are and how to get rid of them

Flower growers who grow peonies are aware of such a problem as an invasion of ants by plants. Having occupied bushes, insects can ruin all beauty. Timely control and preventive measures will save flowers.

What is the danger of insects for peonies

The ants are attracted to the flowers by the sweet aroma that buds publish. Insects feed on nectar, a valuable source of carbohydrates. Seriously, the bush will not be affected, only in some cases the pests bite the bud – after that the flower is deformed or dries.

If a lot of insects settle on the bushes, then drawing out nectar from flower buds over time can lead to dehydration of the plant. In search of fragrant nectar, ants are able to gnaw through the petals of an unopened bud.

Aphid poses a serious danger, which necessarily appears where ants live. So that in the future it does not destroy the bushes, it is necessary to begin the fight against pests when the first individuals appear.

Ways to get rid of ants

To get rid of ants in specialized stores you can buy chemicals. Before using them, you must carefully study the instructions that accompany them. Among the common drugs can be identified:

  1. Anteater or Muracid is a concentrated liquid preparation made on the basis of diazinon. 1 ml of the product must be diluted in 10 liters of water. The prepared solution must be poured into the anthill. Once in the intestines of an insect, it paralyzes the pest. The effect after treatment lasts for 3 months.
  2. Ant is a drug produced in granules that are scattered around anthill and peony bushes. A bag of 10 g is enough to process 5 m² of soil. Insects eat pellets and transfer them to their home. After a certain time, all individuals die.

There are also special traps for sale, for example, Raptor or Combat. They are placed around the bushes; they do not harm people and pets. Inside the trap is poison, which attracts insects with its smell. After contact with the bait, individual individuals gradually infect the entire colony.

For the fight, you can use gels (Trap, Global, etc.). A chemical agent gently lubricates the stems of peonies and the bottom of the buds. Thus, the insect blocks access to plants.

Experienced flower growers know how to get rid of ants on peonies with folk remedies that are safe for people and the environment:

  1. You can cook onion or garlic infusion. To do this, a pound of onion / garlic arrows are chopped with a knife and 3 liters of water is poured. The tool is insisted for 3 days, and then filtered. The resulting solution is sprayed with bushes and the soil around them. This product is effective for 10 days if it is not washed away by rain. Rubbing the ants will also help rubbing the stems with chopped garlic into the pulp.
  2. Boric acid helps fight ants. The substance is diluted with sugar syrup, jam or liquid honey in a ratio of 1: 3. The prepared bait is placed in small portions on cardboard sheets, which are laid around peonies.
  3. Dry yeast or baking powder for dough can be poured on the soil under peonies. Once in the intestines of an ant, the substance sticks together its insides, and the insect dies.
  4. You can dissolve ammonia in water in a ratio of 100: 1 and pour peonies.
  5. Pests do not tolerate the aroma of lavender, tansy, wormwood, mint. If you plant these plants near a flower bed with peonies, then the insects will not come close to the flowers.
  6. They do not like pests and the smell of unrefined vegetable oil, which can lubricate the stems of plants.

To effectively get rid of ants on peony bushes, it is recommended to use several methods in combination.

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