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Cosequin Double Strength

Cosequin double strength is a medication that strengthens and promotes the development of bone cartilage. It contains chondroitin and glucosamine supplements. These two elements are proven to be effective in strengthening the cartilage. This is especially formulated for the prevention and treatment of degenerative joint disease for older dogs. As the bones get older, it produces less lubrication thereby causing the joints to rub each other, especially when doing physical activities. Cosequin double strength brings back the lubrication of the joints, thereby preventing pain and joint friction when moving. This can be the beneficial medication for your dogs.

  • proven to be effective joint lubricant;
  • aids in reducing the inflammatory response;
  • alleviates pain and discomfort brought by degenerative joint disease.



Cosequin double strength comes in different forms. It can be in the form of capsule, flavored chewable tablets, soft chews, and regular strength. Cosequin chewable tablet is administered orally. It can be given directly or mixed with foods. The dosing is greatly determined by the weight of the dog. Ideally the drug is given once a day. It can also be given two times a day in equally divided dosage. Dosing is reduced for maintenance purpose. Always check the dog while undergoing the drug therapy. This medication should be given in a full stomach.


Cosequin double strength is highly recommended by veterinarians. This is proven t be effective and safe to use by different types and breeds of dogs. Dosing is determined by the veterinarian depending on the health condition and weight of the dog. This is easy to administer as it comes in different forms. It has an appealing taste, thereby facilitating easy administration of the medication. Food and drugs administration approved. Hence, it is ideal to use for dog related osteoarthritis.

Side Effects

Basically, the side effects of Cosequin double strength greatly depend on the sensitivity reaction of the dog. The weight of the dog, age, breed, and gender are contributing factors on the development of adverse effects. Nevertheless, there are no serious side effects noted to dogs that have undergone Cosequin double strength drug therapy. Minor reported side effects are loss of appetite, vomiting, loose bowel movement, lethargy, and weakness. This is common in the initial phase of the treatment. It will eventually go away once the dog’s system has adjusted into the medication. Consult the veterinarian immediately for any signs of severe adverse effects.

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