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Drontal Feline for Cats

Product Details

Treating the problem of intestinal parasites of your cats is easy with Drontal Feline. This medication knows the importance of your cat. Thus, it works gently by protecting your cat from different opportunistic organisms like worms and parasites. It takes a lot of responsibility as an owner to keep your cat healthy and happy. Drontal Feline is proven to be safe and effective in fighting different forms of organisms that might place the life of your cat in danger. See to it that you have the prescription of the veterinarian before initiating Drontal Feline drug therapy. It is usually administered continuously in five to seven days. The dosage will greatly depend on the weight of the cat. Ask your veterinarian for further queries about the medications. Dosing and interval will depend on the overall health condition of your cat.

  • can be administered with or without meal;
  • ideal to use for kittens 4 weeks old and above;
  • cost efficient, effective and proven to be safe to use.



It is important to take note of the weight of the cat. Dosing is greatly affected by the weight of your cat. You can give the tablet form regardless of the meal. It is important to place your cat in a comfortable position before administering the drug. You can also crush the tablet using the back of the spoon. This is to ensure that the cat will swallow the required dosing determined by the veterinarian. Administering the medication to your cat is simple if you only know the tricks of giving it.


Drontal Feline is highly recommended to give to cats and kitten as a preventive measure. It is effective to use and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Cat owners are encouraged to give their cats Drontal feline. Not only that it is effective, but it is also cost-efficient. Your cat will simply be getting the proper protection that they need. You can be at peace knowing that your pet is in good hand.

Side Effects

The percentage of reported cases of adverse effect on the drug is relatively low. The occurrence of side effects may vary depending on the hypersensitivity reaction of the cat. Rarely, cat may experience vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, and decrease in weight. The cat may also experience neurologic symptoms like lethargy and confusion. These side effects are bound to happen during the case of overdosing.

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