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Flavored Sentinel Tablets

Product Details

Canine heartworm disease is the dilemma of every dog owner. They do the necessary ways in protecting and preventing their dogs from acquiring such disease. Most dog owners switch to Sentinel Flavored tablets in addressing their problem with heartworm related diseases. Not only that it gets rid of heartworm, but it is also effective in treating fleas and another common form of intestinal worms among dogs. Sentinel Flavored tablets are very easy to administer because of the appealing taste. Those pet owners who have kids at their house opt to choose this medication as it does not cause harm to the kinds. This drug is given on a monthly basis, preferably with meal. The efficacy of the drug will greatly depend on the dosage as well as following the dosing internal.

  • it is very effective in preventing intestinal parasites and heartworms from attacking your dog;
  • it is also ideal to treat, prevent, and control the infestation of fleas;
  • proven to be safe to use at home and with children.


The Sentinel Flavor tablet is ideally administered on a monthly basis, preferably at mealtime. The dosing is based on the weight of your dog. Be very careful of the colors of the tablet. Dosing is categorized depending on the color of the tablet. Have your pets chew the tablet. Do not let your pet swallow the medication. You can simply break down the drug into pieces to facilitate easy chewing of the medication.


Sentinel Flavor tablet fights not only the internal parasites but it also effectively fight fleas which attacks your pets. It gently gets rid of parasites with the help of the main component Milbemycin oxime. It interfere the neurotransmission activity of the causative organisms. Another vital component of the drug is Lufenuron. It prevents the egg from developing or reaching the maturity stage, thereby allowing the main component to take its effect.

Side Effects

The reported adverse effects of Sentinel flavor tablet are relatively few. Most of the side effects are related to gastrointestinal system as manifested by gastric upset, anorexia or loss of appetite, and vomiting. Your pet may also experience urticaria, congestion, and pruritus. In rare cases, weakness and depression are being observed. This medication should never be used to pets affected with heartworm disease. It is just a preventive treatment. Administering the drug to infected dog may cause serious irreversible effects.

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