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Flea Bites on Humans

One of the things that people fear most about fleas is the bite. When a house or building has flea infestation, the bites are imminent. There are people who are very sensitive to flea bites. This is why such people would get more affected than others. Find out the basics about flea bites on humans here;

Where the Fleas Come From

Fleas are usually brought by pets in the house. A dog or cat may pick up fleas from anywhere. This is especially true for pets that spend most of their time outside. A pet may get fleas from other pets they interact with. The fleas may not be that many initially. They however continue to breed if they are not killed. This is why pets should be cleaned when they come from roaming around. When fleas get into the house, they find a breeding ground. Carpets are especially a notorious breeding area for fleas.

The Bites

Flea bites occurs when the little insects jump on a human. They usually attack the lower part of the leg especially the ankles. The fleas have very sharp mouth parts which they use to suck out the blood. The bite usually grows into a lump. The lump may turn red depending on the skin color of a person. In some cases, the fleas may feed on the arms. This happens when they jump on the skin of someone stroking a pet infested with fleas. Like stated earlier, the reaction to flea bites will depend on a person. Children are especially very sensitive to them. They may itch and grow into a nasty rash. Some people may not even realize that they have flea bites. That is why it is important to know what to look for. The lumps always come after itching and consequent scratching. They are usually very small and are circular in shape. Identifying flea bites on humans is the first step in curing them.

Dealing with Flea Bites

Prevention of flea bites is relatively easy. You just have to get rid of the cause and that is the flea. When you suspect that your pets have fleas, it is important to get them treated. Your house should also be kept clean at all times. You should also monitor where your pet goes when they are out of the house. When you find out that you already have the flea bite the only course of action is to treat them. For some people cleaning with soap and some warm water will do the trick. Antiseptic also works wonders. More sensitive people may require more advanced treatment. It is important to know what kind of treatment would for you. That way you would get rid of the flea bite completely.

This is the place where you can get the help you need. Find out everything there is to know about dealing with flea bite on humans. You can find out about what to do to prevent flea bites. Understand the different modes of treatment for flea bites. You can also look at the symptoms to watch for when you think you might have flea bites. All these will help you handle flea bites better and prepare you for potential bites.

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