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Flea Bites

Some insects fall within groups of the most troublesome creatures. The worst thing about these insects is that they seem nondescript, harmless creatures. Yet, just from their simple acts, they will prove otherwise as very devastating living organisms. Take for instance flea bites.

Flea bites sometimes fail to get a better description. From being very irritating and disruptive, they can also cause medical conditions in the host animals including humans. That said and probably raising eyebrows already, someone would really like to understand what exactly these creatures are. Their stature is as confusing as their irritating bites. Fleas are one of the most annoying insects because despite their wingless bodies and therefore being flightless, they can jump to as much as 15 times the size of their bodies, that’s right into the head of a human seated on a random seat!

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They, however, do not live inside the body of the host, but are external parasites interested in piercing skin and suckling blood. That’s already pesky of them as several people cannot imagine anything piercing their skins unwarranted despite in the warranted case of a doctor. Worst still, it seems like you do not necessarily feel the piercing by these pests but the aftermath will make you look for the doctor diligently. This is probably after the flea is long gone.

Salt is an effective remedy here. In order to kill fleas and clear out your house, you can watch the following video, exclusively created for people suffering from flea bites. Additionally, keep your pets free of fleas by combing them regularly. Give them vaccination.

How Can Flea bites affect humans?

Flea bites on humans can send you berserk sometimes, looking for remedies to relieve the itchiness and sometimes pain because fleas are dangerous insects. These nuisance fleas transmit various viral, bacterial and protozoan diseases. This is already terrifying. With the right info though, about where to get help, it all becomes containable.

Before touching on diseases of fleas, it is important to understand even a flea that is not carrying any disease might still affect you. Firstly, the insect’s saliva will cause the irritation on your skin. They will cause very conspicuous reddish itchy swellings on your skin, which can take several weeks before receding itchiness and finally healing. The redness and swelling increases when you scratch; but scratching is however inevitable when you consider the itchiness. The swelling occurs in patches or in lines that make your skin appear ugly.

Back to diseases, bacterial diseases here include the endemic typhus and the bubonic plague; myxomatosis as the viral disease of fleas and the trypanosome for protozoa.

A fact of the matter about these diseases is that they are zoonotic. Fleas normally transmit them from animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, and rats, chicken and so on to humans. This knowledge serves as relief to know it’s possible to avoid flea bites symptoms from occurring. How? By ensuring animals around you are not favorite havens for fleas. Doubtlessly, fleas will only thrive in unhygienic conditions. That means, when your animals roam about and catch the fleas on their fur, they will come home to a dirty environment that will encourage the flea to thrive. However, if for instance the kennel is properly disinfected and very clean, the flea cycle will be cut off before they finally get to you.

It is also advisable to ensure that home animals are disinfected regularly to ensure no fleas get time to reproduce on their skin.

Check more dangers of flea bites

Just learning that fleas can transmit diseases and that their bites are itchy and irritating is not enough; know the full repercussions of flea bites. To start with, the diseases they transmit are quite fatal. You will need to get full medical attention incase you transmit any of them. For example, when there is an out break of the bubonic plague, common disease of rats, or the typhus, the presence of fleas will put you at risk of contracting the diseases. Contracting any of these diseases will mean that your general health will be compromised and you will spend time and money on treatment.

But how will you know you have been infected apart from the itchiness and swelling? Generally, throwing up, feeling nausea, fever, muscle pain, joint pain, stupor seizures and so on are the symptoms. In order to establish what diseases it is, visit a physician and explain that you suspect flea bites. A qualified physician for instance a dermatologist will take it from there.

Treating fleabites

It’s however not always that flea bites will become severe. It’s in every person that different reactions to these bites do exist. Some individuals will only scratch a bit while others will need proper medication. Incase bites from fleas become a nuisance and predictably fatal, you can start treating using anti-itching creams.

If you suspect your animals have been affected, for instance they are scratching and biting endlessly on their bodies, apply the recommended non-toxic natural substances like the Lufenuron while looking for the most reliable source of information regarding insect bites. You can also consult your vet with whom you will subject the animals to medication using for instance the Independent Flea Management strategies. Here’s how flea bites look like.

Flea control

Instead of waiting fleas to thrive so that you can start controlling them, it is important you understand how to control them first. Learn how to break the life cycle. You need to know good hygiene practices for instance ensuring that any rubbish around is cleared. You need to rely on the best and most reliable experts on best pest control methods.

Find your best remedy to flea bites

Finding a reliable source of info regarding pest control is so important. At our site, we already understand the agony that can result from flea’s bites. We have the best reads for visitors to our website. We liaise with the right professionals who help us put very reliable, well researched info on fleabites. Whatever kind of advices you could ever want regarding the bites, we are ready to help you out.

We believe it’s not worth it to suffer due to flea bites when there are numerous remedies including home remedies that you can apply to mitigate your pain after a flea bite. We also advise on caveats to avoid that could escalate the problem of flea bites further.

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