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Furniture for a cat: why is it needed and how to choose?

Any cat owner immediately thinks about buying not only a tray, but also scratching posts for his pet. And all why? Cats always sharpen their claws, this is an instinct, but human furniture is usually poorly adapted to such “vandalism”.

Sofas also suffer from feline hair, wardrobes and chairs from long and short distance races. Is there any specialized furniture for cats? Of course have. In addition to the already mentioned scratching posts, there are beds, houses, play centers and even hammocks. Let’s try to figure out what all this is for and what to choose.

Scratching posts

Small domestic predators love to tear and gnaw. To prevent furniture from suffering from their claws and teeth, you can purchase a special scratching post. They come in three types: wall, hanging, and floor. What to choose depends on the preferences of the animal and the size of the room where the scratching post will be installed. Choose the best cat scratching post.

For example, if your pet is addicted to grinding its claws on the corner of the wall in the corridor, a wall scratching post will help, covering the wallpaper from playful paws. The suspended one will appeal to those animals who like to show that they are predators from a running start and in a jump. To prevent the back of the sofa from suffering, take a hanging scratching post.

Floor standing are the most common. This is usually a hollow cone wrapped in thick twine. The sizes are completely different. To accustom your pet to the scratching post, and not the armrest of your favorite chair, hang a toy mouse next to it, for example.

You can also make a scratching post yourself… To do this, you need a thick rope and a piece of wood. Shapes and sizes of your choice.

Beds and houses

Many owners do not like it if pets sleep on their bed. At the same time, not all pets agree to sleep next to a person – they are looking for secluded places. Given the love of cats for solitude, the tailed beast must need your own bed…

The types of beds in any pet store are presented in an assortment. Here the owner has the last word. It all depends on how much space in the room where the “cat bed” will stand, which option is preferable for the interior. Be sure to remember that the cat bed will have to be cleaned quite often of wool and dirt. So preference should be given to those products that do not require specific care.

But, in addition to soft open couches, there are also closed houses. What exactly will suit your pet can be guessed by the place where he usually likes to sleep. If a cat or cat is resting on the couch, then a mattress will most likely be enough for them. If the tailed one loves hide and sleep, for example, under a chair, then he is clearly looking for solitude and will appreciate the special cat’s house.

There are also a lot of types of houses. The sizes and shapes amaze even the sophisticated imagination. Preferably, again, accessories that are easy to maintain. But the choice of materials is also important. If it is hot in the room where the house will stand, it is better to give preference to non-fur “units”, since the animal will most likely be uncomfortable in them, despite the cats’ love for warmth.


An alternative to a floor couch or a house can be a hammock. Cats are very supportive of this type of furniture. You can hang it in any convenient place, some structures are even attached to the legs of chairs, for example. There are also outdoor hammocks. Here the choice is for the owner, who knows where the cat’s corner will be.

Play complexes

To satisfy the motor activity of the cat, you can purchase a play complex, or an active center, as they are sometimes also called. It is simply unwise to underestimate their usefulness. They are also presented in a huge assortment. Such a center should be selected based on the preferences of your pet. For those cats that like to climb the “roofs” of cabinets, a high construction is better, where the tailed cat can satisfy its climbing needs. Lovers of narrow spaces will find an active center with tunnels and mink houses.

Any cat will love a ladder with shelves to jump on. True, the choice will be greatly limited by the size of the structure: not every owner can allocate half of the room for the pet’s entertainment.

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