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How to choose a professional pizza oven

Pizza ovens are a kind of professional heating equipment for cooking famous Italian dishes. Look for this propane-fired pizza oven. Thanks to temperature control, the use of the oven allows you to cook a variety of dough products: Ossetian and pies, toasts, focaccia, bruschetta, Caucasian flatbread. The stable temperature inside the chamber contributes to the uniform baking of the dough, while the topping ingredients (meat, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables) remain juicy.

How to choose a professional pizza oven – tips and tricks

When ordering equipment for pizza making, the following main characteristics must be considered:

  • Performance, camera capacity
  • Capacity and types of power supply available indoors
  • Maximum temperature and duration of heating the chamber
  • The presence of an observation window, materials of the body and accessories of the furnace
  • Overall dimensions – the area that the oven will occupy in the kitchen
  • Installation options (on a table, on a floor stand, in several tiers)

For restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, cafes for 30-80 seats, a hearth oven with a capacity of 18 pizzas per hour will be required. Conveyor-type ovens are required to be installed in enterprises with a dense flow of visitors: food courts, pizzerias, bakery industries. They allow you to bake up to 500 kilograms of products per shift.

The optimal choice for catering establishments is a two-tier pizza oven. During rush hours, the chefs will quickly process orders, and if there are few customers, they will turn off one of the cameras and thereby save electricity. Pay attention to the indicator “load chamber simultaneously”. Various options are possible. So, ” 4 + 4 ” means that 4 pizzas with a diameter of 30 centimeters are placed in the tiers from the bottom and from the top.

Observe the rules for using pizza ovens. The outer surface of the equipment for the production of pizza is heated to no higher than +40 ° C – for the safe work of personnel and protection against burns. When buying a pizza oven, pay attention to the control panel for baking parameters. The equipment is equipped with thermostats to maintain a stable temperature.

Buy professional ovens in the KLEN online store. We have equipment from well-known brands – PizzaGroup, Ergo, Chuvashtorgtechnika (Abat), Convito, Prismafood. The equipment is easy to maintain and operate, compact, highly productive, has a stylish modern design.

Buy equipment in three steps:

  • Select the desired position in the catalog
  • Place the item in the cart
  • Place your order

If you need professional help in the selection of equipment, order a call back and get expert advice.

Advantages of buying equipment for business in the KLEN company:

  • Large selection of professional ovens at prices from manufacturers
  • Prompt delivery of goods to all regions, services of trusted transport companies
  • Expert support and assistance in choosing equipment
  • Sale of equipment on credit and leasing (application processing time – 1 day)
  • Equipment installation, commissioning, repair, service
  • Favorable offers, promotions, and discounts for regular and new customers

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