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How to feed your puppy?

Puppies are growing, feeding, caring is a very important issue, there are two possible options. Either you prepare food for your pets yourself, or you buy ready-made dry or wet food. Choose the best large breed puppy food.

It is impossible to combine these types of feed, as this will cause indigestion. In addition, there is a possibility that feeding both prepared foods and complementary foods will cause an excess of vitamins and minerals in the puppies’ diet, and this in turn will negatively affect the development of growing organisms.

The advantage of the ready-made food is that it is developed by specialists taking into account all the nutritional needs of the puppy. The ready-made feed contains an optimal combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, there are also omega-3 fatty acids, which ensure the normal development of vision and the nervous system.

But food should be chosen not in economy class, but in the super-premium class. Only super premium food contains natural products, they are free of chemicals, dyes, and GMOs. Moreover, in a wide range of foods, you can find a variety of foods for dogs of different ages, the degree of activity of the pet’s lifestyle, and they also take into account the needs for adherence to the diet, if the pet has certain diseases.

The German company Bosh produces super premium food for pets. Among the wide variety of foods there is a food specially designed for little Bosh Puppy puppies. This food contains milk powder to facilitate the beginning of complementary foods and to ensure the softest transition of the puppy to a new diet. This food is designed for puppies up to 3-4 months, other foods for young dogs no longer contain milk powder, since over time the ability of dogs to digest milk decreases. The package also lists the diet and serving size for the puppy based on weight and age.

As a rule, small puppies under one year old are fed 4-6 times a day, then the number of feedings is reduced and by the year it reaches 1-2 times a day.

In the section ” Selection of food,” you can answer a few questions about your pet and get the best option for your dog’s food, which will fully take into account all the pet’s needs in the daily diet.

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