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All About Interceptor

Interceptor is a prescription medication given to cat and dogs in a monthly basis. This is primarily used to treat diseases caused by roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms. Interceptor gently gets rids of hookworms, ideal to removing and controlling whipworms and roundworms in your dogs. It is also given to cats on a monthly basis via oral route. It prevents the cat from acquiring diseases caused by heartworms. It also eradicates adult hookworms and roundworms. This drug is best given to dogs and cats as early as six weeks of life or when the pets reached 1.5 pounds. It is given to pets once a month, ideally the same day every month. Interceptor is very effective. Needless to mention, the medication has a great taste which facilitates easy administration of the drugs. Hence, this drug is appealing to your pets. So, you will never have a problem administering it.

  • this is an ideal medication given to cats and dogs in a monthly basis;
  • it gently rids roundworm, hookworm, and whipworm;
  • it is appealing to the taste of pets because of the beefy flavoring.



The flavored tablet Interceptor is administered in a monthly basis throughout the whole year. It can ideally be given a month after the mosquito season. If an animal is going to travel to a heartworm-risk place, they should be given an Interceptor a month prior to traveling. Interceptor is a chewable tablet. It should be swallowed. To prevent the tablet from swallowing, it will be better to broken it down to pieces. It can be best given directly or you can give it with food. The dosage is greatly determined by the weight of the pet.

Usual dosing for dogs:

  • 2 pounds to 10 pounds = 2.3 mg;
  • 11pounds to 25 pounds = 5.75 mg;
  • 26 pounds to 50 pounds = 11.5 mg;
  • 51 pounds to 100 pounds = 23 mg.

Usual dosing for cats:

  • 1.5 pounds to 6 pounds = 5.75 mg;
  • 6.1 pounds to 12 pounds = 11.5 mg;
  • 12.1 pounds to 25 pounds = 23 mg.


The main component of Interceptor interacts greatly with the GABA receptors present in the parasite’s nervous system. It works gently by paralyzing the parasite. It is very effective in combating the arthropods and nematodes.

Side Effects

The adverse effect of Interceptor is very rare. It can include, but not limited to depression, feeling of drowsiness, vomiting, anorexia or loss of appetite, loose bowel movement, excessive salivation, seizures, and body weakness.

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