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Iverhart Plus

A common fatal disease for dogs is Heartworm. It is more ideal to prevent your pets from acquiring the disease, rather than treating it. Your dog will surely be in a difficult life-threatening situation once the disease is left untreated. Prevention is always the better option. Iverhart Plus is the most trusted name in preventing such disease. It is the number one protection given by dog owners to their pets. It prevents heartworm disease from infecting your dogs. It also treated other zoonotic creatures like hookworms and roundworms. It is generally safe to use by lactating and pregnant dogs. It comes in a chewable flavored tablet, thus, making it easy to give to your dogs. Only one tablet a month is required for prevention. It is always advised to visit your veterinarian before starting your pet to any forms of medications. This is to ensure the safety of your dogs.

  • generally safe to use by dogs that are six weeks and up;
  • ivehart Plus is the most trusted name in preventing heartworm disease;
  • easy to administer because of the flavored chewable tablet.



Before giving the drug, make sure that pets are tested to rule out any existing parasitic infection. The dosage is determined and based on the weight of the pet.

  • 25 pounds. – 68 mcg/57 mg= blue box;
  • 26-50 pounds. – 136 mcg/114 mg green box;
  • 51-100 pounds – 272 mcg/227 mg brown box;
  • over 100 lbs are given a combination of tablets.

Generally, does found Iverhart Plus chewable tablet palatable. It is easily administered. In fact, you can administer the medication using the dog’s hand. It may also be added to the food, or you can force the dog to swallow the medication. It is always proper to ensure that your dog gets the right amount of the drugs. Carefully observe if the dog has taken the medication to ensure that the dog is getting the right dose.


  • your dog is guaranteed to be protected against heartworm disease. screen the dog first to ensure that the pet is not infected with the disease;
  • gently eliminates of hookworms, roundoworms, and ascarids;
  • the drug is appealing to the dog because of its pork flavor;
  • safe, easy to administer, and economical to use. it may take a once a month administration;
  • proven to be safe to use by puppies, pregnant, and lactating dogs.

Side Effects

The commonly reported side effects of the drug involve the gastrointestinal system. Among the adverse effects are loss of appetite, diarrhea, and weight loss. There are also incidence of hypersalivation, ataxia, and lethargy.

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