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More than Just Scratching from the Flea Bites

Flea bites pose a number of health problems for humans. When fleas bite, it’s not only the little red bumps you have to worry about. Fleas can carry a disease to the host. It is important to note that flea bites may cause you more than the itching and the scratching. One thing you can get from flea bites are tapeworms. People can get tapeworms from fleas. When somebody comes into contact with flea feces that carry tapeworms, those may be transferred to the person. This is especially common with children. When they play with pets and then don’t wash their hands properly, they may end up with tapeworms.

Fleas are also vectors. One of the diseases they can carry to a human is the bubonic plague. This happens when a flea bites an infected rodent and then carries that to the human. The flea may regurgitate infected blood into a bite. One flea to watch out for is the Oriental rat flea. The flea may spread the plague to several people in a matter of hours.

Another thing to worry about when you get flea bite is the murine typhus. This is a bacterial infection that is common in the Southern and South Western parts of the US. The flea can carry the Rickttesia typhi bacteria to a human. The cat flea and Oriental rat flea are the species to watch out for in this situation. One thing to note though is that the bacterium is carried in the feces of the fleas. The infection happens when someone scratches a bite that has infected waste around it.

The bright side in this is that these diseases can be treated. When a flea bite occurs, it is important to get a thorough check up to be sure. Getting rid of the fleas is one of the best ways that you can make sure you stay healthy from flea bites and whatever comes with them.

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