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Novox Caplets

Product details

Novox Caplets has the active component carprofen belongs to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug classification. It is proven effective for treating pain and inflammation brought about by arthritis and different disease condition of the joints. It gently works by blocking the release of the hormone prostaglandins. It is the hormone responsible for the pain sensation and inflammatory response of the body. Novox will surely give the relief from pain that your dog badly need. Initiating Novox therapy can bring back your dog’s energy to perform daily activities like walking, running, eating, and playing. The drug is approved by the food and drug administration. Hence, it is proven to be effective and safe to use by any breed of dogs. It is always best to ask for the veterinarian’s advice before starting out any medication.

  • gently alleviates the pain brought by arthritis;
  • proper dosage is easy to achieve because the tablet is easy to break;
  • proven to be safe, efficient, and effective.



Novox Caplets is administered via oral route. The dosing requirement and interval is determined by the veterinarian. One great factor affecting the dosage is the weight of the pet. It can be given in full or divided dosage. Give the caplets directly or you can mix it with the dog’s food.


Guaranteed 24-hour relief of pain and gently reduced the inflammation, it facilitates mobility among aging dogs with severe degenerative joint disease

Desirable results are achieved in matter of days

Effective in the management of post-surgical pain; preferably taken one to two hours before the surgery

Available in caplet form, thereby facilitating easy administration of the medication

It also functions as antipyretic medication

Side Effects

Adverse reaction to any drug medication is a normal thing. The severity of side effects will be dependent on the sensitivity reaction of the pet to the medication. There are few percentages of reported adverse effects of the medication. It basically affects the gastrointestinal system as evident by diarrhea, vomiting, black tarry stools, loss of appetite, significant decrease in the weight, excessive thirst, and the like. There are also neurologic adverse effects like significant change in the behavior, lack of muscle coordination, and lethargy. However, the owner of the pet is advised to consult or contact the veterinarian right away for any signs of serious side effects, especially with hypersensitivity to the medication.

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