26 Nov, 2018

GlycoFlex II Softchews

This drug contains all the necessary components essential for the treatment of degenerative joint condition.

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20 Nov, 2018

Novox Caplets

Product details Novox Caplets has the active component carprofen belongs to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

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17 Nov, 2018

Flea Bites on Humans

One of the things that people fear most about fleas is the bite. When a

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9 Nov, 2018


All About Interceptor Interceptor is a prescription medication given to cat and dogs in a

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5 Nov, 2018

Flea Bites

Some insects fall within groups of the most troublesome creatures. The worst thing about these

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31 Oct, 2018

Cosequin Double Strength

Cosequin double strength is a medication that strengthens and promotes the development of bone cartilage.

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29 Oct, 2018


Product Details Degenerative joint disease is also affecting the dogs. The condition is called canine

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28 Oct, 2018

Flavored Sentinel Tablets

Product Details Canine heartworm disease is the dilemma of every dog owner. They do the

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