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What is the best roach poison?

4. Decoy Advion Roach Gel 

This pack of 4 syringes has been rated as one of the best roach exterminators. It is a top-rated product among lures to control pests, with more than 74,000 reviews from customers worldwide.

Its active ingredient, Indoxacarb 0.6%, can attract and kill cockroaches without problems. Although it will not last so long, you have to keep in mind that this substance stops working after two years of production. This poison not only exterminates cockroaches but is capable of killing a dozen different bugs.

Be applied about 0.5 grams of this gel at about 10 feet between each application do. If your house is infested with cockroaches, merely 3 or 5 doses of this gel, but with 1 or 3 drops it is usually more than enough. You can try to put the gel in bottle caps if you do not want to apply it directly on any surface. In one week you’ll notice how the plague has completely disappeared!

Note that the place where you can choose to put the gel must be away from pets and children, to avoid a possible accident. Nor it Situes him near any food.

  • Four-pack syringes
  • Easy to apply
  • Poison Ice
  • active ingredient: 0.6% Indoxacarb

3. Trap Critón adhesive roach

A small lure wrapped in plastic and sticky traps. Although it is protected, it is convenient away from pets and children. This range of gel is very similar to that of its competitors but has the advantage of having a much more affordable price.

All you have to do is put the bait in the area infested with cockroaches and let it work itself. In a short time, you will notice its effects! Being affordable and work as well, it is one of the best roach poisons in value.

Has attractant, it has no odor, and the package has five traps. It has excellent reviews on Amazon, but why you have confidence that you can remove any cockroach!

  • Effective cockroach trap
  • Not pollute anything
  • Effectively attracts insects

2. Exterminador Cockroach Raid Max 3 in 1

One of the poisons known for more affordable and cockroaches. This spray works very quickly but exterminating these insects once it has come into contact with them. Also, the smell of poison is mixed with lime and disappears quickly.

Another feature of this poison is that it can be used both cockroaches and ants, making it one of the most popular aerosols. Also, it ends with flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.

You have to keep in mind that this poison only kills cockroaches touched, so it does not produce a ripple effect. It is an effective way to end quickly with a cockroach you’re done watching, but useless to throw him around the house if you do not see any. Do not waste the product!

Also, remember that you shake the product before use and that their effectiveness is especially noticeable in closed areas. Outdoor can not be useful to kill cockroaches.

1. Tablets cockroaches Harris

One of the most effective and longest being used, poisons for more than 80 years. These tablets are very useful anti cockroaches and also in the package are a 100. You must place the tablets in places where there is usually cockroaches, considering that it should be away from children and pets.

These tablets or smell or unpleasant off-gases, but effectively kill these insects, among others. So that their effects are felt more quickly, try to put more than one tablet at a time. It is the most sold in the United States.

People often put these tablets in the refrigerator, furniture, backup windows, cracks, paper, and objects such as sink and toilet — the seller ships worldwide.

  • Poison tablet
  • Product with more than 80 years old
  • Active ingredient: boric acid

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